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December 2nd, 2006 (December 02 2006)DeathMariska Veres, Dutch singer (born in 1947)
December 2nd, 2005 (December 02 2005)EventVan Tuong Nguyen is executed in Singapore for drug trafficking.
December 2nd, 2005 (December 02 2005)DeathNat Mayer Shapiro, American painter (born in 1919)
December 2nd, 2005 (December 02 2005)DeathVan Tuong Nguyen, Australian drug smuggler (hanged) (born in 1980)
December 2nd, 2005 (December 02 2005)DeathKenneth Lee Boyd, American convicted murderer (executed) (born in 1948)
December 2nd, 2004 (December 02 2004)DeathMona Van Duyn, American poet (born in 1921)
December 2nd, 2004 (December 02 2004)DeathAlicia Markova, British ballerina (born in 1910)
December 2nd, 2003 (December 02 2003)DeathAlan Davidson, British author (born in 1924)
December 2nd, 2002 (December 02 2002)DeathIvan Illich, Austrian priest and philosopher (born in 1926) Philo Quotes
December 2nd, 2002 (December 02 2002)DeathArno Peters, German historian (born in 1916)
December 2nd, 2001 (December 02 2001)EventEnron files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
December 2nd, 1999 (December 02 1999)EventThe United Kingdom devolves political power in Northern Ireland to the Northern Ireland Executive. Devo Quotes
December 2nd, 1997 (December 02 1997)DeathShirley Crabtree, British professional wrestler (born in 1930)
December 2nd, 1997 (December 02 1997)DeathMichael Hedges, American guitarist known for originality (born in 1953)
December 2nd, 1995 (December 02 1995)DeathRobertson Davies, Canadian novelist (born in 1913)
December 2nd, 1995 (December 02 1995)DeathRoxie Roker, American actress/news personality (born in 1929)
December 2nd, 1993 (December 02 1993)EventColombian drug lord Pablo Escobar is shot and killed in Medellin.
December 2nd, 1993 (December 02 1993)EventSpace Shuttle program: STS-NASA launches the Space Shuttle Endeavour on a mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.
December 2nd, 1993 (December 02 1993)DeathPablo Escobar, Colombian drug dealer (born in 1949)
December 2nd, 1990 (December 02 1990)EventA coalition led by Chancellor Helmut Kohl wins the first free all-German elections since 1932.
December 2nd, 1990 (December 02 1990)DeathAaron Copland, American composer (born in 1900)Aaron Copland Quotes
December 2nd, 1990 (December 02 1990)DeathRobert Cummings, American film and television actor (born in 1908)
December 2nd, 1989 (December 02 1989)BirthCassie Steele, Canadian actress
December 2nd, 1988 (December 02 1988)EventBenazir Bhutto is sworn in as Prime Minister of Pakistan, becoming the first woman to head the government of an Islam-dominated state.
December 2nd, 1988 (December 02 1988)BirthAlfred Enoch, British Actor
December 2nd, 1988 (December 02 1988)BirthSoniya Mehra, Indian Actress
December 2nd, 1988 (December 02 1988)DeathTata Giacobetti, Italian singer and lyricist (Quartetto Cetra)
December 2nd, 1987 (December 02 1987)BirthTeairra Mari, American R&B singer
December 2nd, 1987 (December 02 1987)DeathLuis Federico Leloir, French-born chemist and Nobel Prize laureate (born in 1906)
December 2nd, 1987 (December 02 1987)DeathYakov Borisovich Zel dovich, Russian physicist (born in 1914)
December 2nd, 1986 (December 02 1986)BirthClaudiu Keseru, Romanian football player (FC Nantes Atlantique)
December 2nd, 1986 (December 02 1986)DeathDesi Arnaz, Cuban-born actor, musician, band leader, and composer (born in 1917)
December 2nd, 1986 (December 02 1986)DeathJohn Curtis Gowan, American psychologist (born in 1912)
December 2nd, 1985 (December 02 1985)BirthDorell Wright, American basketball player
December 2nd, 1985 (December 02 1985)DeathAniello Dellacroce, American gangster (born in 1914)
December 2nd, 1985 (December 02 1985)DeathPhilip Larkin, English writer and jazz critic (born in 1922)Philip Larkin Quotes
December 2nd, 1984 (December 02 1984)BirthPeter Mate, Hungarian footballer (Reading F.C.)
December 2nd, 1983 (December 02 1983)BirthBibiana Candelas, Mexican volleyball player
December 2nd, 1983 (December 02 1983)BirthChris Burke (footballer), Scottish footballer plays for Rangers F.C.
December 2nd, 1983 (December 02 1983)BirthAaron Rodgers, American football player for Green Bay Packers
December 2nd, 1983 (December 02 1983)DeathFifi d Orsay, Canadian actress (born in 1904)
December 2nd, 1982 (December 02 1982)BirthMatt Ware, American football player
December 2nd, 1982 (December 02 1982)BirthMichelle Banzer, model/beauty queen
December 2nd, 1982 (December 02 1982)BirthPizon, American rapper/producer
December 2nd, 1982 (December 02 1982)BirthHristos Karipidis, Greek footballer
December 2nd, 1982 (December 02 1982)DeathMarty Feldman, British comedian, writer and actor (born in 1933)Marty Feldman Quotes
December 2nd, 1981 (December 02 1981)BirthIsabella Soprano, American pornographic actress
December 2nd, 1981 (December 02 1981)BirthDanijel Pranjic, Croatian football player plays for SC Heerenveen
December 2nd, 1981 (December 02 1981)BirthBritney Spears, American singerBritney Spears Quotes
December 2nd, 1980 (December 02 1980)EventFour U.S. nuns and churchwomen, Ita Ford, Maura Clarke, Jean Donovan, and Dorothy Kazel, are murdered by a death squad in El Salvador.
December 2nd, 1980 (December 02 1980)DeathChaudhry Muhammad Ali, Prime Minister of Pakistan (born in 1905)Muhammad Ali Quotes
December 2nd, 1980 (December 02 1980)DeathRomain Gary, Lithuanian-born French writer (born in 1914)Romain Gary Quotes
December 2nd, 1979 (December 02 1979)BirthYvonne Catterfeld, German singer and actress
December 2nd, 1979 (December 02 1979)BirthMichael McIndoe, Scottish professional footballer (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
December 2nd, 1978 (December 02 1978)BirthNelly Furtado, Canadian singer and songwriter
December 2nd, 1978 (December 02 1978)BirthChris Wolstenholme, British bassist (Muse)
December 2nd, 1978 (December 02 1978)BirthDavid Rivas, Spanish Footballer plays for Real Betis
December 2nd, 1978 (December 02 1978)BirthJason Collins, American basketball player for New Jersey Nets
December 2nd, 1978 (December 02 1978)BirthJarron Collins, American basketball player for Utah Jazz
December 2nd, 1978 (December 02 1978)BirthPeter Moylan, Australian Major League Baseball Pitcher for the Atlanta Braves
December 2nd, 1977 (December 02 1977)BirthSiyabonga Nomvethe, South African footballer plays for Aalborg BK
December 2nd, 1976 (December 02 1976)EventFidel Castro becomes President of Cuba replacing Osvaldo Dorticos Torrado.Fidel Castro Quotes
December 2nd, 1976 (December 02 1976)BirthEddy Garabito, professional baseball player
December 2nd, 1976 (December 02 1976)DeathDanny Murtaugh, baseball player and manager (born in 1917)
December 2nd, 1975 (December 02 1975)EventPathet Lao seizes power in Laos, and establishes the Lao People s Democratic Republic.
December 2nd, 1974 (December 02 1974)DeathMax Weber, Swiss Federal Councilor (born in 1897)
December 2nd, 1973 (December 02 1973)BirthGraham Kavanagh, Irish footballer
December 2nd, 1973 (December 02 1973)BirthMonica Seles, Yugoslavian-born tennis player
December 2nd, 1973 (December 02 1973)BirthJan Ullrich, German cyclist
December 2nd, 1972 (December 02 1972)EventGough Whitlam becomes the first Australian Labor Party Prime Minister of Australia for 23 years.
December 2nd, 1972 (December 02 1972)BirthSergei Zholtok, Latvian ice hockey player (died in 2004)
December 2nd, 1971 (December 02 1971)EventAbu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Dubai, and Umm Al Quwain form the United Arab Emirates.
December 2nd, 1971 (December 02 1971)BirthWilson Jermaine Heredia, American actor
December 2nd, 1971 (December 02 1971)BirthFrancesco Toldo, Italian Football Player (Inter Milan)
December 2nd, 1970 (December 02 1970)EventThe United States Environmental Protection Agency begins operations.
December 2nd, 1970 (December 02 1970)BirthTreach, American rapper (Naughty by Nature)
December 2nd, 1969 (December 02 1969)DeathKliment Yefremovich Voroshilov, Russian politician (born in 1881)Kliment Voroshilov Quotes
December 2nd, 1968 (December 02 1968)BirthLucy Liu, American actress
December 2nd, 1968 (December 02 1968)BirthNate Mendel, American bassist (Foo Fighters)
December 2nd, 1968 (December 02 1968)BirthRena Sofer, American actress
December 2nd, 1968 (December 02 1968)BirthChris Wedge, American animator
December 2nd, 1968 (December 02 1968)BirthDarryl Kile, baseball player (died in 2002)
December 2nd, 1968 (December 02 1968)DeathAdamson-Eric (Eric Adamson), Estonian painter (born in 1902)
December 2nd, 1966 (December 02 1966)BirthJinsei Shinzaki, Japanese professional wrestler
December 2nd, 1963 (December 02 1963)BirthAnn Patchett, American novelist
December 2nd, 1963 (December 02 1963)BirthRon Sutter, National Hockey League player
December 2nd, 1963 (December 02 1963)DeathThomas J. Hicks, British-born runner (born in 1875)
December 2nd, 1963 (December 02 1963)DeathSabu Dastagir, Indian-born American actor (born in 1924)
December 2nd, 1962 (December 02 1962)EventVietnam War: After a trip to Vietnam at the request of US President John F. Kennedy, US Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield becomes the first American official to not make an optimistic public comment on the war s progress.John F. Kennedy Quotes
December 2nd, 1962 (December 02 1962)BirthKardam, Prince of Turnovo, titular Bulgarian royal family
December 2nd, 1961 (December 02 1961)EventIn a nationally-broadcast speech, Cuban leader Fidel Castro declares that he is a Marxist-Leninist and that Cuba is going to adopt Communism.Fidel Castro Quotes
December 2nd, 1960 (December 02 1960)BirthNicholas Dingley alias Razzle, British Drummer (Hanoi Rocks)
December 2nd, 1960 (December 02 1960)BirthRick Savage, British bassist (Def Leppard)
December 2nd, 1958 (December 02 1958)BirthUladzimir Parfianovich, Belarusian canoer
December 2nd, 1958 (December 02 1958)BirthEric L. Harry, American novelist
December 2nd, 1958 (December 02 1958)BirthGeorge Saunders, American writer
December 2nd, 1957 (December 02 1957)BirthDagfinn Hoybraten, Norwegian politician
December 2nd, 1957 (December 02 1957)DeathManfred Sakel, Polish psychiatrist (born in 1902)
December 2nd, 1956 (December 02 1956)EventThe Granma yacht reaches the shores of Cuba s Oriente province and Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and 80 other members of the 26th of July Movement disembark to initiate the Cuban Revolution.Fidel Castro Quotes
December 2nd, 1954 (December 02 1954)EventRed Scare: The United States Senate votes 65 to 22 to condemn Joseph McCarthy for "conduct that tends to bring the Senate into dishonor and disrepute."Joseph McCarthy Quotes
December 2nd, 1954 (December 02 1954)EventThe Sino-American Mutual Defense Treaty, between the United States and the Republic of China, is signed in Washington, DC.
December 2nd, 1954 (December 02 1954)BirthDan Butler, American actor
December 2nd, 1954 (December 02 1954)BirthStone Phillips, American television journalist
December 2nd, 1952 (December 02 1952)BirthCarol Shea-Porter, American Congresswoman
December 2nd, 1951 (December 02 1951)BirthAdrian Devine, American baseball pitcher
December 2nd, 1950 (December 02 1950)BirthBob Kevoian, American radio personality
December 2nd, 1950 (December 02 1950)DeathDinu Lipatti, Romanian pianist (born in 1917)
December 2nd, 1948 (December 02 1948)BirthT. Coraghessan Boyle, American writer
December 2nd, 1947 (December 02 1947)EventJerusalem Riots of 1947: Riots break out in Jerusalem in response to the approval of the 1947 UN Partition Plan.
December 2nd, 1947 (December 02 1947)BirthIsaac Bitton, French rock band drummer (Les Variations)
December 2nd, 1947 (December 02 1947)BirthIvan Atanassov Petrov, Bulgarian neurologist
December 2nd, 1947 (December 02 1947)BirthTommy Jenkins, English football player
December 2nd, 1946 (December 02 1946)EventBritish Government invites four Indian leaders, Nehru, Baldev Singh, Jinnah and Liaquat Ali Khan to obtain the participation of all parties in the Constituent Assembly.
December 2nd, 1946 (December 02 1946)BirthGianni Versace, Italian fashion designer (died in 1997)
December 2nd, 1945 (December 02 1945)BirthPenelope Spheeris, American film director
December 2nd, 1944 (December 02 1944)BirthIbrahim Rugova, first President of Kosovo (died in 2006)
December 2nd, 1944 (December 02 1944)BirthBotho Strau?, German author
December 2nd, 1944 (December 02 1944)BirthDionysis Savvopoulos, Greek musician and songwriter
December 2nd, 1944 (December 02 1944)BirthInger Davidson, Swedish politician
December 2nd, 1944 (December 02 1944)DeathJosef Lhevinne, Russian pianist (born in 1874)
December 2nd, 1944 (December 02 1944)DeathFilippo Tommaso Marinetti, Italian writer (born in 1876)Filippo Tommaso Marinetti Quotes
December 2nd, 1943 (December 02 1943)EventA Luftwaffe bombing raid on the harbour of Bari, Italy, sinks an American ship with a mustard gas stockpile. Numerous fatalities (though the exact death toll is unresolved as the bombing raid itself caused hundreds of deaths too).
December 2nd, 1943 (December 02 1943)BirthWayne Allard, American politician
December 2nd, 1943 (December 02 1943)DeathNordahl Grieg, Norwegian author and journalist (born in 1902)
December 2nd, 1942 (December 02 1942)EventManhattan Project: A team led by Enrico Fermi initiates the first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction.Enrico Fermi Quotes
December 2nd, 1939 (December 02 1939)EventNew York City s La Guardia Airport opens.
December 2nd, 1939 (December 02 1939)BirthYael Dayan, Israeli writer and politician
December 2nd, 1939 (December 02 1939)BirthHarry Reid, American politicianHarry Reid Quotes
December 2nd, 1939 (December 02 1939)BirthFrancis Fox, Canadian politician, member of the Senate
December 2nd, 1936 (December 02 1936)DeathJohn Ringling, American circus owner (born in 1866)
December 2nd, 1935 (December 02 1935)BirthDavid Hackett Fischer, American historian
December 2nd, 1934 (December 02 1934)BirthAndre Rodgers, baseball player (died in 2004)
December 2nd, 1933 (December 02 1933)BirthMichael Larrabee, American athlete (died in 2003)
December 2nd, 1933 (December 02 1933)BirthK. Veeramani, Indian anti-caste activist
December 2nd, 1931 (December 02 1931)BirthEdwin Meese, American lawyer, U.S. attorney general and presidential advisor
December 2nd, 1931 (December 02 1931)BirthNigel Calder, British science writer
December 2nd, 1931 (December 02 1931)BirthHatsumi Masaaki, Founder and head of the Bujinkan Dojo organization
December 2nd, 1931 (December 02 1931)BirthWynton Kelly, American jazz pianist (died in 1971)
December 2nd, 1931 (December 02 1931)DeathVincent d Indy, French composer (born in 1851)
December 2nd, 1930 (December 02 1930)EventGreat Depression: US President Herbert Hoover goes before the United States Congress and asks for a US$150 million public works program to help generate jobs and stimulate the economy.Herbert Hoover Quotes
December 2nd, 1930 (December 02 1930)BirthGary Becker, American economist, recipient of the Bank of Sweden Prize
December 2nd, 1930 (December 02 1930)BirthDavid Piper, British race car driver
December 2nd, 1927 (December 02 1927)EventFollowing 19 years of Ford Model T production, the Ford Motor Company unveils the Ford Model A as its new automobile.
December 2nd, 1925 (December 02 1925)BirthJulie Harris, American actress
December 2nd, 1924 (December 02 1924)BirthAlexander M. Haig, Jr., American soldier and politicianAlexander Haig Quotes
December 2nd, 1924 (December 02 1924)BirthVilgot Sjoman, Swedish writer and film director (died in 2006)
December 2nd, 1924 (December 02 1924)DeathKazimieras Buga, Lithuanian philologist (born in 1879) Philo Quotes
December 2nd, 1923 (December 02 1923)BirthMaria Callas, Greek soprano (died in 1977)
December 2nd, 1920 (December 02 1920)EventFollowing more than a month of Turkish-Armenian War, the Turkish dictated peace treaty is concluded -Treaty of Alexandropol
December 2nd, 1918 (December 02 1918)DeathEdmond Rostand, French poet and dramatist (born in 1868)
December 2nd, 1917 (December 02 1917)BirthSylvia Syms, American jazz singer (died in 1992)
December 2nd, 1914 (December 02 1914)BirthAdolph Green, American composer (died in 2002)
December 2nd, 1914 (December 02 1914)BirthRay Walston, American actor (died in 2001)
December 2nd, 1910 (December 02 1910)BirthRussell Lynes, American art historian, photographer, author and managing editor of Harper s Magazine (died in 1991)
December 2nd, 1908 (December 02 1908)EventChild Emperor Pu Yi ascends the Chinese throne at the age of two
December 2nd, 1906 (December 02 1906)BirthPeter Carl Goldmark, Hungarian-born recording engineer (died in 1977)
December 2nd, 1902 (December 02 1902)BirthHoward Koch, American screenwriter (died in 1995)
December 2nd, 1901 (December 02 1901)BirthRaimundo Orsi, Argentine-born footballer (died in 1986)
December 2nd, 1899 (December 02 1899)EventPhilippine-American War: The Battle of Tirad Pass, termed "The Filipino Thermopylae", is fought.
December 2nd, 1899 (December 02 1899)BirthJohn Barbirolli, British conductor (died in 1970)
December 2nd, 1899 (December 02 1899)BirthJohn Cobb, British racing driver (died in 1952)
December 2nd, 1899 (December 02 1899)BirthRay Morehart, American baseball player (died in 1989)
December 2nd, 1899 (December 02 1899)DeathGregorio del Pilar, Filipino general (killed at Battle of Tirad Pass) (born in 1875)
December 2nd, 1898 (December 02 1898)BirthIndra Lal Roy, Indian pilot (died in 1918)
December 2nd, 1897 (December 02 1897)BirthHovhannes Bagramyan, Marshall of the Soviet Union (died in 1982)Hovhannes Bagramyan Quotes
December 2nd, 1895 (December 02 1895)BirthHarriet Cohen, British pianist (died in 1967)
December 2nd, 1894 (December 02 1894)BirthWarren William, American Broadway and film actor (died in 1948)
December 2nd, 1892 (December 02 1892)BirthLeo Ornstein, Russian-born composer and pianist (died in 2002)
December 2nd, 1892 (December 02 1892)DeathJay Gould, American entrepreneur (born in 1836)
December 2nd, 1891 (December 02 1891)BirthOtto Dix, German painter and graphic artist (died in 1969),Charles H. Wesley, author writer and Brother of Alpha Phi Alpha Inc.
December 2nd, 1886 (December 02 1886)BirthHarry Burleigh, American composer (died in 1949)
December 2nd, 1885 (December 02 1885)BirthGeorge Richards Minot, American physician, recipient of the Nobel Prize (died in 1950)
December 2nd, 1867 (December 02 1867)EventIn a New York City theater, British author Charles Dickens gives his first public reading in the United States.Charles Dickens Quotes
December 2nd, 1863 (December 02 1863)BirthCharles Ringling, American circus owner (died in 1926)
December 2nd, 1860 (December 02 1860)DeathAlfred Bunn, British theatrical manager (born in 1796)Alfred Bunn Quotes
December 2nd, 1859 (December 02 1859)EventMilitant abolitionist leader John Brown is hanged for his October 16th raid on Harper s Ferry.
December 2nd, 1859 (December 02 1859)BirthGeorges Seurat, French painter (died in 1891)
December 2nd, 1859 (December 02 1859)DeathJohn Brown, American abolitionist (hanged) (born in 1800)
December 2nd, 1852 (December 02 1852)EventNapoleon III becomes Emperor of the French.
December 2nd, 1851 (December 02 1851)EventNewly-elected French President Charles Louis Bonaparte overthrows the Second Republic.
December 2nd, 1849 (December 02 1849)DeathAdelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, wife of William IV of the United Kingdom (born in 1792)William King Quotes
December 2nd, 1848 (December 02 1848)EventFranz Josef I becomes Emperor of Austria.
December 2nd, 1846 (December 02 1846)BirthPierre Marie Rene Ernest Waldeck-Rousseau, French statesman (died in 1904)
December 2nd, 1845 (December 02 1845)EventManifest Destiny: US President James K. Polk announces to Congress that the United States should aggressively expand into the West.James K. Polk Quotes
December 2nd, 1844 (December 02 1844)DeathEustachy Erazm Sanguszko, Polish general and politician (born in 1768)
December 2nd, 1825 (December 02 1825)BirthEmperor Pedro II of Brazil (died in 1891)
December 2nd, 1823 (December 02 1823)EventMonroe Doctrine: US President James Monroe delivers a speech establishing American neutrality in future European conflicts.James Monroe Quotes
December 2nd, 1817 (December 02 1817)BirthHeinrich von Sybel, German historian (died in 1895)
December 2nd, 1814 (December 02 1814)DeathMarquis de Sade, French writer (born in 1740)
December 2nd, 1811 (December 02 1811)BirthJean-Charles Chapais, French Canadian politician, Father of the Canadian Confederation (died in 1885)
December 2nd, 1805 (December 02 1805)EventNapoleonic Wars: Battle of AusterlitzFrench troops under Napoleon defeat a joint Russo-Austrian force.
December 2nd, 1804 (December 02 1804)EventAt Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, Napoleon Bonaparte crowns himself Emperor of the French, the first French Emperor in a thousand years.Napoleon Bonaparte Quotes
December 2nd, 1774 (December 02 1774)DeathJohann Friedrich Agricola, German composer and organist (born in 1720)
December 2nd, 1760 (December 02 1760)BirthJohn Breckinridge, American politician (died in 1806)
December 2nd, 1755 (December 02 1755)EventThe second Eddystone Lighthouse is destroyed by fire.
December 2nd, 1754 (December 02 1754)BirthWilliam Cooper, American judge (died in 1809)
December 2nd, 1748 (December 02 1748)DeathCharles Seymour, 6th Duke of Somerset, English politician (born in 1662)
December 2nd, 1747 (December 02 1747)DeathVincent Bourne, English classical scholar (born in 1695)
December 2nd, 1738 (December 02 1738)BirthRichard Montgomery, Irish-born soldier (died in 1775)
December 2nd, 1726 (December 02 1726)DeathSamuel Penhallow, English-born American colonist and historian (born in 1665)
December 2nd, 1719 (December 02 1719)DeathPasquier Quesnel, French Jansenist theologian (born in 1634)
December 2nd, 1710 (December 02 1710)BirthBertinazzi, Italian actor and writer (died in 1783)
December 2nd, 1703 (December 02 1703)BirthFerdinand Konscak, Croatian explorer (died in 1759)
December 2nd, 1694 (December 02 1694)BirthWilliam Shirley, Colonial Governor of Massachusetts (died in 1771)
December 2nd, 1694 (December 02 1694)DeathPierre Paul Puget, French artist (born in 1622)
December 2nd, 1665 (December 02 1665)DeathCatherine de Vivonne, marquise de Rambouillet, French socialite (born in 1588)
December 2nd, 1615 (December 02 1615)DeathLouis des Balbes de Berton de Crillon, French general
December 2nd, 1578 (December 02 1578)BirthAgostino Agazzari, Italian composer and music theorist (died in 1640)
December 2nd, 1552 (December 02 1552)DeathFrancis Xavier, Spanish Catholic missionary (born in 1506)
December 2nd, 1547 (December 02 1547)DeathHernan Cortes, Spanish explorer and conqueror (born in 1485)
December 2nd, 1515 (December 02 1515)DeathGonzalo Fernandez de Cordoba, Spanish general and statesman (born in 1453)
December 2nd, 1469 (December 02 1469)DeathPiero di Cosimo de Medici, ruler of Florence (born in 1416)
December 2nd, 1463 (December 02 1463)DeathArchduke Albert VI of Austria (born in 1418)
December 2nd, 1409 (December 02 1409)EventThe University of Leipzig opens.
December 2nd, 1381 (December 02 1381)DeathJohn of Ruysbroeck, Flemish mystic
December 2nd, 1348 (December 02 1348)DeathEmperor Hanazono of Japan (born in 1297)

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